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The Book of Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text, originally written to help men have happy marriages. And while most are led to believe it is a compendium of carnal contortions and poetic descriptions of genitalia, in fact only one out of seven chapters is dedicated to sex. Modern day versions of these ancient teachings have found popularity due to the focus on mutual pleasure or ‘equal congress.’ So continue reading for a summary of some of the best known Kama Sutra techniques. Pillar Position  The man and woman, both naked, kneel facing each other. The woman opens her thighs and presents her ‘yoni’. The man draws her near him... read full article


Beginners Guide to the Kama Sutra

Let's not forget the ever-so-popular Missionary Position. She just lies there and goes to sleep while the guy does all the work and claims all the rewards. ;)


Love the morman style!.. somehow I don't think the The Book of Kama Sutra is on their recommened reading list!


Tantic has to be the best, arousing yourself by just using your senses, staring deep into each others eyes, close but no touching allowed - its temptation and self control at its best!


The fact that only one chapter out of the 7 in Kama Sutra is dedicated to sex confirms that there is way more to a happy marriage other than sex.


What about the "she f@#%s me then makes a sandwich and does the laundry position?" jokes!


My wife wanted to try a Kama Sutra sex position last night, which she called "The Wheelbarrow". "Basically I place my hands on the floor while you grab my legs from behind and stick it in. You get the idea don't you?" she asked. I sure did. I carried her to the garden and told her to pull out some weeds.

How did you get on?


The Kama Sutra has announced a new sex position called The Plumber: You stay in all day and nobody comes!




My all time favourite sexual position is still the "68", where she goes down on my ‘lingam’ and I'll owe her 1 (sometime, eventually, one day :)


Ah, the Goddess position....heaven

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