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Beervana is the one time of the year that you can visit a single location in New Zealand and try the largest range of New Zealand brewed beers in one place. On offer there will be over 160 different beers from all around the country.The benefits of this are you get the freshest beer from nearly every brewery in NZ, you get to discover many small breweries you may not have heard of and even less likely to visit them in their remote, far away locations. You also get to meet the people that made the beers. Pretty much every stand has the actual brewer there, so you have a chance to meet them and find out the interesting stories behind the beers and the brewer and... read full article


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

This looks seriously awesome! 160 different beers! thats fantastic :D Im not really a beer drinker but if they had this for spirits...well...ild surely be there! Such a cool idea and great tips :D


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Bervana......a place where dreams are realised........ I hope there's a Burger King near by.


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

I went to one of these years ago - just locally and on a much smaller scale. Had the best time though - adds a whole new element to beer drinking when the brewers are there telling you what tastes to look for and expect etc. Very responsible adding the food aspect too - not to mention very much appreciated by those half tanked!


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Thirty beer samples plus? I'd better take a notebook and pen.

P.S. Why not add to the 'Key Facts' where Beervana is actually taking place? Just a thought.


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

where is it???


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Wellington Town Hall


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Man this looks like fun! Would be a great thing to send my Dad or partner to!


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

This would be an excellent way to try all different types of beer. It is a pity there is not one in Auckland as well as would definitely go and know a lot of guys who would as well


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Beer guide. Drink beer, if it taste yuk spit it out and find a different one, if it tastes good, drink more of it.


BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

My advice to everyone even slightly interested.. just do it, you get to meet the brewers who will be happy to talk beer with you, you also get to try some of new zealands finest craft beers available, I've been to beervana 2 years running (and will be going this year too) its an awesome experiece and i do seriously recommend it to everyone interested... but, dont expect to find much if any of that commercially brewed "beer"

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