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The rugby season can be a tough one to tackle when it comes to eating well. Don’t miss out on the foods you love - create your own game plan and join in on the fun with this healthy and delicious ‘pub’ style meal without the ‘pub’ style calories! This easy and delicious recipe from Weight Watchers will keep you and your mates happy during the game – and keep you on track to a healthier life.A Beef Burger is a perfect meal for game night, are easy to prepare, and for only 9 ProPoints, you can enjoy these guilt free! Servings:  4Preparation Time:  20 minCooking Time:  20 minLevel of Difficulty:... read full article


Beef Burgers

Much better value to make your own burgers these days, ludicrous that it costs around $14 for a decent burger takeaway.


Looks good, but can't beat those Bacon cheeseburgers. Mmmm, Wendys!


It is better to make it yourself because you know whats in it. Lol!


Now er are talking! no dodgy weight watchers Nachoes here just a Huge Beef Burger! MAN Food while watching rugby and drinking a beer in the pub!


Its easy to make yummy home made beef burgers. If you one of those who just wont trust any mince then go to the butcher and get him to mince a few rump steaks- minus the fat and gristle of course- on special it can be cheaper than prime mince from the supermarkets.


My dads favourite food before the rugby. Usually he'll eat 2 though and it will be covered in cheese


Nice Burgers even for a Weight Watcher recipe. Does that mean I could eat 3 of them because there a healthier option?


Healthy homemade Hamburgers are so easy to make, even better with a nice cut of steak instead of mince. Love them. Talking about Hamburger Buns, What do a gynocologist and a pizza boy have in common? They can smell it but they cant eat it!


definitely going to try this simple recipe...at least i know tea will get eaten.


If your burger doesn't taste better than Wendy's you're not doing it right


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