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Generally it's fantastic living in our great land of Aoteroa, but sometimes buying the goodness you need from the other side of the world can be a bitch! That's where the helpful chaps at BuyUSA come in. They've come up with a solution for you by providing  a unique delivery address that you can use when ordering from U.S. companies or online retailers. BuyUSA will receive package deliveries on your behalf at their U.S. logistics facility, where you will have a virtual Box Number.  Ten lucky GetFrank users will win an address subscription for a year thanks to BuyUSA. All you have to do is keep it real and tell us what you... read full article


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

probibly get a pizza,cupcake,and a donut as ive heard they are alot nicer over in usa, but na id buy all sorts.


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

Shit id buy a big arse pretzel!


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

I'd get a BIG foam hand (you know the ones) from every major sports team. NBA, NFL, NHL.


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

I would buy some sticker kits for my motorbike, theyre too expensive in good ole NZ but the USA has them cheap as, hook me up!!


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

BMX gear! from www.danscomp.com you cant find 95% of that stuff in New Zealand!


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

Ohhh my, I would go nuts at http://www.topatoco.com/ - White Ninja undies, Dinosaur Comics tshirts, A Softer World tshirts... why the hell did I go look at this website, I have no money!


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

Ah, yeah...a Saturn V Rocket would be sweet!! What's the postage on that? www.hackman.co.nz


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

Probably some contact lenses as they're so cheap over there.


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

We would by mule gear. We dont have mule equipment in New Zealand. The donkey gear is too small, the horse gear too big. Its too expensive to travel to USA just to buy gear from the back blocks of Idaho and Montana. At the moment we surf and drawl


Beat The Antipodes with BuyUSA

i'd buy a fender '64 Jazz Bass Relic, custom shoes, a submarine and a hummer.

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