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 In the buildup to the The Dark Knight hitting New Zealand turf on December 10th, on DVD and Blu-Ray. The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale (Check out the Get Frank Q&A with Bale), who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves effective, but soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker, who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante. GET... read full article


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

It was the night before new years eve 1999, we were in Ibiza to celebrate the millenium a bunch of kiwis in one villa, we thought it would be a good idea to have "the night before" party at a little club we had found. This place was epic, real cool local vibe where no-one spoke much english and everyone loved us kiwis. About 3 or 4 of the group had stayed behind to really spruce themselves up. i looked at my watch at about 11.30 and they still hadn't arrived. Next thing you know i see one of the late guys stroll in, black eyeliner, bowler hat, black feather boa over his black boardies, singlet & jandals. The ladies stopped & stared and the guys didn't know where to look... Classic... The beers were flowing and the tunes were grooving so i waved him over to join us. As soon as he laid eyes on me he screamed so loud you'd swear he'd been shot, he turned toe bolted toward the door and took off bowling over two massive doormen as he ran out. Two of us ran out after him the rest stayed at the club. We searched all night but no sign, we got back to our villa, just as everyone was getting back from the club, to find him sitting under the stairs crying. Later we found out the ones who'd stayed back had decided to chemicaly enhance their night and when i waved to my friend he had seen the devil beckoning him to follow him to hell. Not really that funny then after blowing our lead up party, but pretty funny now looking back.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

When was about 19, after a night out on the booze I managed to go home with a girl I had met that night. Later that night I needed to go for a leak and asked her where the bathroom was. I didn't want to wake the girls parents because I couldn't find my clothes so I didn't turn any lights on. So I stumbled through the dark, still drunk and in a house I didn't know trying to find the bathroom. I eventually found it and emptied my bladder. Unfortunately when I left the bathroom I realised that I had walked straight into the parents room (their door had been open) and just used their ensuite, the mother turned the light on and the dad jumped up to defend his wife from the stranger he thaught had just broken into his house and there I was stark naked! it took quite some explaining to make them realise I wasn't a robber, explain why I was naked and why I was in their room! When they learned I had just picked their darling daughter up in a pub I found out they were very religious and the dad chased me out of the house without my clothes!! I then had to steal some clothes off a neighbours clothes line and walk home. Needles to say I didn't see the girl again.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

Missed the movie - but this prize means re-runs and more re-runs with the spooky surreal element as well.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

Ironically this actually has something to do with bats.. (no not cricket bats or baseball bats.. actual live bats) Back in Argentina (a few years ago) i lived in a closed community which was nicely guarded by armed guards at the gates. one night i had a friend round and we went out for i dont know what reason to the driving range that was there. we took flashlights and as we were pointing them around we noticed some fast, small dark things flying over our heads. Following this, in both amazement and wonder we were both now flashing them into the sky.. which probably wasnt a great idea considering this "nice little rich place" was in the middle of (to be kind) an absolute hole. so nearby houses were quick to be worried about flashlights close to the walls of the village and were just as quick to call the guards... the armed guard....... ... with shotguns... (no joke) so after a little while (the time it takes for a little electric car to get round to that area) we see the flashing yellow lights and knew exactly what it was... as it was called in Argentina "La cana" (the police/security) not fast enough we crawled under some bushes and waited as the car kept on coming down the grass looking for us, just as we think its passing us it makes a 90 degree turn and blares it lights right at us... what do i hear nect? *chk-chk* .. there is me thinking.. hold on a tick... these guys dont just have pistols do they... i am one to quickly stand up and announce that we were baffled by the flying creatures up above us and that i was a local resident. thank goodness the guard didnt have a merry trigger finger or else that would've had a different outcome!


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

I was working at a kids adventure summer camp in UK. Most us working there were kiwi, aussie or South African so there was a LOT of drinking with us workers. This particularly annoyed the locals so many were selling up - lots of For Sale signs. My mission one drunken night was to move all the For Sale signs into neighbouring properties. I managed 3 small signs but one MASSIVE sign eluded me. I perserved, finally getting the bugger. Unfortunatley as I drunkenly cheered at my success, I drew the attention of Will, our camp security guard who was patrolling for drunken troublemakers. I refused to let go of the sign but as I ran to escape, I drunkenly fell off the gutter and sprained my ankle. We had to hobble a mile in the pitch black through a forest back to our camp all the time being pursued by Will. It was unbelievably sore. I then had to get the Manager up who drove me (furious he was too) to the closest hospital - which was in Wales. It was awful. I had to hobble around for ages on crutches. Got HUGE KUDOS from co-workers though.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

in los angeles and caught a taxi to go to the markets, unfortunately taximan dropped us off at a spanish market where everyone talked spanish. the market was not a tourist one where english was spoken. In the end we had the most marvellous and memorable time with the locals going out of there way to find an english speaking person to go around with us at no cost also. i we will never forget it


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

Early this year i went to on a school camp for Travel and tourism, this was a great trip btw, and at night we started playing spotlight. During this game i had fallen over into a huge as puddle and half of 1 side of my body got wet while the other side was dry, and later on in the game there was a clothesline which i didnt see and i ran into it and knocked my head. The good thing about it was that nobody was there to see it.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

This involves 2 nights (so this is the short version). I was not living in Hamilton at the time but in a small country town. A friend of mine was going to uni in Hamilton, so I used to go to Hamilton often to party. One weekend (Friday) i turned up a his place (having got to Hamilton on the train), dropped off my bag and sleeping bag and we shot off to the wholesaler then to the party. I hooked up with this chick and went back to her place. Next morning (late) we went to a bbq, got to know some interesting people, she had to work so shot off mid afternoon. I was invited to hang around and go to a party that night. There I met another chick and went home with her. Sunday morning I managed to work out where I was and found i was only a few streets away from my friends place. Went back to his place, he wondered where i had gone all weekend, i filled him in, got my stuff and caught the train back home. Couple of weekends later i went to another party and both chicks were there, that was interesting.


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

I was in Washington DC 3 weeks ago and I wanted to take a night picture of the White House. So I got my camera and dressed warmly with a beanie and everything. When I got there, I realised I forgot my tripod.. so I had to lied down on my stomach and stabilised my arms on the ground. Then I started taking photos.. I didn't realise how suspicious I would have looked at the time.. that I was lying next to a bush in a park on the ground, at night, wearing a black jacket and beanie, aiming at the WHITE HOUSE! .. Worse yet, little do I know that the president was actually in the building at the time, and was preparing for the G20 summit (should have checked the news)!.. Two big guys in black suit approached me in very cautious manner and asked me what I was doing.. then ask me why I am there, and where I am from.. They did seems a little more at ease when I told them I am from NZ.. But from now on, I am going to read the news more often even if I am on a trip..


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns Massive Prize Pack & DVD's

This story isnt really funny, but its pretty scary! When I was about 12 I was fast asleep one night. This next part I can still remember as clear as day. I was still sleeping, but my eyes opened and I could see my room and I had no control over my body. I got out of bed and my arms were out in front of me like a zombie. For some reason i kept walking into my wall, I could see what was happening but I had no control. Eventually a picture on the wall got knocked down by me and I turned around (still not in control) and walked to the otherside of my room. I walked into a chair and kicked my shin on it. This snapped me out of this trance i was in and I quickly went back to bed. I woke up to find my room in a mess, and i could remember doing it but I had had no control.

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