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Baby Bob Marley

"could you be loved?" yes if you play the right music it seems


Baby Bob Marley

Had to wonder if the parents had been smoking some of the marijuana they want to legalise,lol. I only have to turn on the radio and my son will stop his whining whether its a song or Paul Holmes bleating on, the only difference is i don't carry along a camcorder to record every living moment and upload it to you-tube.


Baby Bob Marley

so awesome how kids do that! the vaccum cleaner made mine go to sleep!!!!


Baby Bob Marley

That would be alot easier to listen to than the Barney songs I'v been having to listen to lately! I almost know them off by heart. I dont think my 3 year old even knows it's on half the time, but he sure knows if I'v turned it off! It was Big Bird last week.. did you know you can sing the alphabet as one word? I do now and off by heart! O so sad.


Baby Bob Marley

Nothing wrong with giving littlies a good introduction to quality music. Our three LOVED Baby Bob, we even played it at the kid's music group each week. I'd go CRAZY listening to Wiggles or Barney in the car and thankfully never have. Mum's CDs rock. But, while Bob's music is one thing, I do draw the line at encouraging his other habits in toddlers......


Baby Bob Marley

haha baby got taste. The Power of Reggae Music aye too much


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