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We've all been there. Those times in our lives when we swear that alcohol will never again touch our lips. These instances usually happen in the early mornings, with the cracks from the bathroom linoleum digging into our knees and our contact lenses glued to our eyeballs as if holding on for dear life, afraid that the heaves of our stomach will cause them to fall out. With alcohol freely flowing - booze oozing out of bottles, people professing their love for each other, glasses of wine practically filling themselves up - it's easy to forget the hangover that awaits in the coming hours. Lurking in the bathroom, hiding beneath the sink or behind a... read full article


simple really - just don't drink too much! I always thought wine was to drink to enjoy...certain wines with certain foods...getting pissed off it was never the intention..so if you do - enjoy your hangover and hope like hell it was worth it!


I was always told (by my mother i am sure) to drink a glass of milk before going off on the piss, as it lines your stomach, and have yet to wake up with a hangover after having a glass or 4 of wine, although i could do without the constant needing to crawl to the bathroom to pee, the more that goes in the more that comes out but i tend to think that wine seems to over stimulate somehow.


Beating the dehydration by drinking water before bed is key. I find having something to eat also helps. I definitely notice less of a hangover when I'm not drinking the cheapo wine too...


Just don't drink wine, stick to something like low-carb beer, then you're a manly man as well


Drink heaps of water before bed. Problem solved.


Everyone seems to be affected so differently.. have a few friends that can still hit the gym after a night out... its not fair!


Avoid a wine hangover - drink beer!


wine hangovers are the worse


excellent advice, i wish i had known all of this in my younger days, now i know eat well, drink in moderation and really enjoy the experience of a great delicious wine,much better than being stuck leaning over the white bowl in the toilet and the raging headache and general feeling of being hungover, those days are certainly gone for me,so i say follow the advice here and you will no longer be suffering


I try to drink water between glasses, but then come the problem of needing to pee every half hour... What's the cure for that problem??


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