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We've all been there. Those times in our lives when we swear that alcohol will never again touch our lips. These instances usually happen in the early mornings, with the cracks from the bathroom linoleum digging into our knees and our contact lenses glued to our eyeballs as if holding on for dear life, afraid that the heaves of our stomach will cause them to fall out. With alcohol freely flowing - booze oozing out of bottles, people professing their love for each other, glasses of wine practically filling themselves up - it's easy to forget the hangover that awaits in the coming hours. Lurking in the bathroom, hiding beneath the sink or behind a... read full article


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

I am a big fan of a glass of water between wines, however when I mix red with white, it seems that no matter how many preventative measures I employ, I still get a hangover... What the deal with that?

Oh, and I am currently experiencing one of those hangovers right now and it is not pleasant... :(

LOL... isn't funny, though, wine can give you the worst hangovers and I do try the water to wine rule but get fed up with running to the lav every 5 mins... especially when there is always gonna be a cue... plus by the time you get past number 3, who gives a stuff about the water, bring in the next one.... although I do know when I have had enough... cos I can never drink that last mouthful that everyone is shouting for me to drink.... eugh, it just won't go down.... although after that much... most woman probably do!!! (go down that is) LOL


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

+1 for the water drinking. Red wine has more of the stuff that makes you hungover in it than white so that may have something to do with it. compared to expensive distilled liquor that has less. best bet is to choose your poison and stick to it haha. Also best advice i have ever got was avoid sugary drinks sugar dehydrates you.


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

Yes Andrew I'm with you. When I'm at a flash do I'll drink a glass of wine and then a water. Sadly I can't manage to do that with the beer, "forget about the last one get your self another!"


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

I just keep drinking as I forget to drink water. Usually I remember to have a berocca and panadol before crawling into bed. I nice Vindaloo for breakie sorts my body out.

You should't slam panadol when you've been drinking. Its metabolised to a toxic compound (NAPQI) which will cause pretty serious liver damage in the long run. ibuprofen has the same effect but wont kll your liver like paracetamol

alcohol speeds up this metabolism causing more toxic compound which equals more damage


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

Oh how many times have I said I wont drink that much again! Lessons never learned


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

The best way to avoid a wine hangover is to drink beer. Then its a beer hangover. Just cure it with another beer.


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

Water definitely can work, drink lots of it before you go to sleep and stay dehydrated and it works wonders and keep drinking water the next day.


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

Water is the best way to keep it diluted and down.. It usually won't give you a hangover..


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

No hangover, love that


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

I wish I had of read this before I ended up in detox on Saturday night after consuming too much of a wine cask. I have never mastered knowing when to say when.

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