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Whether you’re into DIY, property investment, interior design or quiltmaking you’ll find a product for every need and a solution to every problem. With exhibits focusing on interior design, home heating, colour and comfort, whilst educating visitors on how to maximize property investment or to help turn renovation ideas into detailed project plans. There are six key features this year as well as a host of other attractions, including for the first time at the Autumn Home Show the extreme makeover of a property and ‘must sell’ auction. Get inspiration, ideas and you could even walk away with a house!Friday 27th March – Sunday... read full article


Autumn HomeShow

My garage - the Man Cave. here lives my beer, my car, my fishing TAS (Tackle Accumulation Syndrom) collection and certain err, um, documents. With my garage I am one. my wife will love the tickets to the home show. She'll decide we need a new 'spmehting'. I'll need to make it fit, dsign, construct and play. ll good excuses to spend more time in the Man Cave - Thanks getFrank !!


Autumn HomeShow

My man room, tv , game consoles, computer, grog fridge, and pool table.. and a lock on the door


Autumn HomeShow

pictures of family and paintings of my children!


Autumn HomeShow

It's gotta be the man chair - permanently reserved for the male of the house (and the cat, who always presumes ownership and is just as reluctant as the male to give it up) - and it's always got space for a beer and the remotes.


Autumn HomeShow

Quiet friendly neighbours, no crime, a quiet street, shops and schools close by. What more do you want.


Autumn HomeShow

All the work we have done on it so far and on a tight budget (being unemployed and all...). New patio, (with recovered natural pavers a neighbour was throwing out), Retaining walls (the wife got to drive the Dingo, as I 'had' to push the heavy wheel barrow), the fish pond (for under $50) and all the masses of plants which are now taking over. Even a new cooker that only cost me half a days labouring on a roofing job Now we just need a new kitchen to go with it.....


Autumn HomeShow

The lack of TV, which means the place is actually a sociable environment - planned out from the start, and it has worked amazingly well. It's surprising how much you realise you don't need TV when you don't have one!!!


Autumn HomeShow

The way we've decorated and put our photos and memories up everywhere.


Autumn HomeShow

That it's filled with treasured items that remind me of special times and special people!


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