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As an auto electrician, Audi’s immortal Vorsprung Durch Technik, or advancement through technology philosophy, is something I lived by. It went further than the literal sense - I relied on the latest technology, or the repair thereof, to put food on the table, too. I honestly agree with it, well, mostly. I’m all about driving the industry forward, that’s why I’m against cars that take a backwards step in terms of the important things like safety technology, Geely and Great Wall, I’m looking at you.But here’s the catch with Audi’s latest RS model, the RS5. As a driver, I think high-tech isn’t staying true to the... read full article


Audi RS5

If you want fun and sport this car is the way to go!Like driving in an arm chair, you don't know how fast it is going. But it comfortably does it!


Audi RS5

God Damn, Audi sure do know how to make a car!


Audi RS5

one sweet sweet ride!!!! what a luxury it would be to take one of these for a spin.. power!


Audi RS5

Why is it an auto? Surely if you buy one you would want a manual?


Audi RS5

Wow, this car sounds fantastic and looks amazing too! I have always wanted to own an Audi-speed, comfort and style! What more could you ask for???


Audi RS5

Only chance I'll have of getting one is when it's 30 years old.

After watching Transporter all I want is an Audi! When I win lotto first thing I'm gonna buy!


Mate, what an amazing looking car. Although according to Topgear the RS5 is notorious for under-steer. You'd think with all this technology it would have reduced it? I'm a bit of an Audi fanboy but am starting to think an M3 might be a better choice.

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