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"Dear DrinkPlanner, what are some manly shots I can order when I am out with the guys? Me and my friends are trying to live by your 10 Commandments for Drinking Like a Man, but aren’t sure what to order other than Jaeger and Jaeger Bombs. Help! Ladies No More” Relax fellas…I know it’s not easy ordering shots when out on the town. Most shots are designed to be easy to drink (or designed by assholes to make you puke, which isn’t very manly), especially when in the mixed company of your ladyfriends. Jaeger certainly walks the line of being high-alcohol content but relatively easy to drink, but there’s so much more out... read full article


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

Can't go wrong with an irish car bomb.


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

jager bombs all the way


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

urh whiskey shots, your kidding me?


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

three wise men sounds disgusting, whats wrong with plain tequila mad dogs. sniff the salt, suck back the tequila and squirt the lemon in your eyes. thats a real mans shot


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

sniggering here at drinking Absinthe shots. shiver.


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

vodka and tobasco shot. it'll strip the hairs off your teeth


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots



Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

Nothing manlier than an Old Fashioned: 1. Dissolve one sugar cube in as little water as possible. 2. Add 2 dashes of bitters. 3. Add 60mls of Bourbon (pref. Makers Mark). 4. Add 2-3 cubes of ice and a piece of lemon peel. 5. Stir and serve in a round tumbler glass (known as an Old Fashioned glass for obvious reasons).


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

When I'm down @ the mountain a "Hairy Chest" give me the courage to blast down the trails. 3/4 of a shot glass of Plain 42below Vodka the rest of the shot glass Vanilla Galliano and two drops of Tobasco sauce. BOOM!


Ask Drinkplanner: Manly Shots

im all over jager bombs right now but that hairy chest looks pretty sweet


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