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“Dear DrinkPlanner, We recently bought a house (empty for a year) and found wine in a lower cabinet in the kitchen. I don’t know anything about wine (and I do not think these are special wines), but I would like to know something about them if possible. They are: Corbett Canyon California Chardonnay 1997 bottled San Luis Obispo and Ripon California Bordeaux Superieur Verdillac 1982 estate bottled Vigerons de Deux Sutter Home 1993 California White Zinfandel bottled Napa California Stevenot 1991 California Cabernet Sauvignon bottle Murphys California Bardolino Classico Superiore Ruffino Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Wine... read full article


Ask Drinkplanner: Found Wine

hi I have to agree about the Sutter Home 1993 California White Zinfandel. is a horrible wine. look like a rose but is not. I would say is a red wine mix with water and taste like that. so use it for cooking. about the Bordeaux Superieur Verdillac 1982 estate bottled Vigerons de Deux i was lucky to try one of those a couple of years ago. it wasnt a 82 vintage but was a really nice wine. could be a good present a good way to impress somebody. I would recommend some cheeses, pate and enjoy it.


Ask Drinkplanner: Found Wine

not a wine drinker


Ask Drinkplanner: Found Wine

Yes, if the wine's been stored in good conditions it should be fine. The Husband extracted a 1992 bottle of cabernet sauvignon from Chile from the "wine cellar" for dinner last night. It was smooth and simply lovely. Now, I should explain, when I said "wine cellar", I actually meant basement. We live in Aro Valley - Wellingtonians will understand that reference. Our basement is cold and dry. It's a refreshing 5 degrees in winter and a balmy 8 degrees all summer. Great for storing wine. We don't even have to chill the whites we get out of the basement, they're at drinking temperature! We have to warm up the reds!


Ask Drinkplanner: Found Wine

Check out www.lovewine.co.nz, they'll know.

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