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Right, it’s time for approach game. If you haven’t read the preceding columns, it’s time to do so. Background and practice is important so you don't make a marnis of yourself. read full article


Approach Game

Has anyone else noticed that all of this is very American technique? Certain aspects of American technique work here, sure. But stuff like talking 'to every group with a woman in it, before you go to the bar' just won't work in Auckland (and most likely other NZ places). NZ women are EXPERTS at cockblocking. There has to be someone who has perfected NZ technique out there.


Approach Game

so true


Approach Game

Don't get caught up on the details all the "love experts" give. using the fish metaphor... remember the fish swim to the bait the bait doesn't swim to the fish. this is my method 1. dress so your comfortable and smart. don't get hung up on being "stylish" if that type of clothing is out of your comfort zone as you will be self conscious all night. so long as you don't look like a douch go for it. 2. Don't go to town looking for girls!!! go looking to have a good social night. girls can pick up a pretender/creep a mile off. if your out having a good time they will want to be a part of it! go from there! 3. Don't try hard. my rule is that however much effort I am planning on using I half. once again if you try too hard girls pick up on this which = desperation. 4. let them do the bulk of the talking, and ask a few intersting questions about what ever they are rambling about and throw in a bit of a tease. 5. treat them like a "bro" this makes them feel comfortable with you and doesn't set off the rapist alarm bells. minus the swearing and rude jokes of course. 6. don't do all the work. let them touch you let them try and flirt etc. we all know how much hotter a girl is who doesn't seem interested in us is. it's the same for them. 7. the mini date!!!! tell dont ask them to check out the next club along the strip. as when you lead her in all the guys in there assume your together (less competition) she has enough time for you to go to another bar plus most importantly you man'd up and took her somewhere... if she says no then go any way... 1. she will beg you to stay 2. she will give in and come or 3. you can swing past later and now she knows that you aren't desperate for her unlike all the other idiots swooning over her!!! long story short be a man not a little boy begging for his lollipop

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