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My God. Labour in their dying days snuck through a regulation forcing bakers to plant a synthetic form of folic acid into every loaf made in NZ.   The plan aims to reduce the number of brain-damaged babies, although the fall may be a few as four a year.   But new research shows folic acid may cause an increase in colon cancer cases. And another study suggests it may cause colon cancer to grow faster.   The Bakers’ Association has labelled the compulsory introduction “mass medication” of the population, and warned that bread containing folic acid will be less safe than it is now.   This is like National... read full article


Annette's mass medication programme

So, yet another case of Nany Statism uncovered! Or should that be Stalinism? Was there no limit to Labour's self belief that whatever they thought was beast for us all, was best for us all? How many years will it take to undo all those seeminlgy myriad of Laws which have been imposed on the nation, some publically and some privately? National have cleared some quickly, Electoral Finance Act, expensive and polluting light bulbs, looking at a number of others. RMA, anti smacking, maybe will even get around to dog chipping as well! But the impetus will ease as pressure comes on to get their own objectives under way, rather than keep undoing the wrongs of the last Labour Government.


Annette's mass medication programme

I would much rather see more time and money spent on ensuring a few less babies are born with fetal alcohol syndrome, a condition found in about 1% of NZ infants. It has been speculated that these babies grow up to have a high rate of criminal activity, but I think that may have as much to do with the original environment than the syndrome. I don't let my clients eat bread anyway.......


Annette's mass medication programme

I am with you Darren. As there is big question marks over the effectiveness of adding folic acid, huge variances in how much any one mother will eat anyway, why force it on the other 95% of the population? (Assuming only 5% of us are pregnant at any one time) Far better for the Docs and Pre-Natal people to encourage them to take supplimentary folic if that really is a factor.


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