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Anal sex; people are really doing it. Believe it or not, it is a regular feature in some kiwi bedrooms, and it’s certainly not the sexual taboo that it once was. If you’re curious about experimenting with ‘the backdoor’ then these dos and don’ts should help you and your partner on your way. Do use lube, lube and more lubeWhen it comes to anal sex there is no such thing as too much lube. Unlike the vagina the anus is not self-lubricating, so plenty of silicone or water-based lubricant is essential. It helps the penis to glide into the anal passage, creating a safer and more comfortable experience for you both. There are... read full article


i love sex toys, but is it just me, they seemed to have evolved far more rapidly than the common male equipment. all we need now is for someone to add a voice recognition chip and a pair of hands.....i can only butt imagine where this could lead....

...there are men who are into femme bots....lol I remember seeing it on 60 minutes I think it was....talk about whack jobs they actually referred to their bots as their partners....does anyone thing its weird that the guy who is reporting about the sex robot is working for Asylum.com just asking?


I love anal sex been with my husband 15 years and no other partners ever. I just read that anal sex can have an increased chance of anal cancer is this true for married couples that have been vaccinated for hpv? That's all I need on my tomb stone "died from being blasted in the butt" :(


How good is anal? When I'm REALLY horny I'm gasping for it. But my guy is eight inches and very thick. He needs to warm me up with his fingers and some toys. And don't forget the lube! Once I'm loosened up he can go as hard and as fast as he likes. It's all about the gentle start. You don't take off from the lights in 5th gear do you? Have fun and enjoy. Violet Ivy, Author violet-ivy.com

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