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Nice work, you’ve taken the first step and actually opened up this article. And I’d bet you’re not the only one. “That’s all very well” you’re thinking. But no one’s actually doing it right? Anal sex is strictly for movies with low production values like Tales from the Tail starring Ben Dover – right? Uh, wrong. In fact, here’s a calming thought... According to other experts in my field, approximately, 1 in 4 heterosexual couples have had anal sex.  And even more would like to give it a try. So before you decide which side of the fence you sit on, scroll through the facts and common queries... read full article


Anal Sex - An Introduction, How to



Anal Sex - An Introduction, How to

thats a negative on the 'strap on'


Anal Sex - An Introduction, How to

Thats different



She said she's not ready to take it up the pooper, maybe in the New Year


Missus loves it. Usually orgasms 2-5 times from it before me! I'm not keen on role reversal though. All for adventure, but I'm a bit chicken for that!


Guys In my vast experience, most men love their arses played with once they get over the 'gay' thing. Women on the other hand mostly don't. If you have one that loves it then be grateful. But don't push it on her or do what my ex did to me and tell me how exciting his previous girlfriend was because she took it in all three holes. There's a reason he's my ex. Above all, if you are going to try it, make sure she is relaxed, keep talking to her and BE GENTLE!! Once it's in you can go for your life but it can be incredibly painful getting it in there in the first place. Be a turtle before you a hare. Enjoy! Violet ivy, Author violet-ivy.com

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