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New Zealanders will be amongst the first audiences in the world to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, when it releases in NZ cinemas a day earlier than originally scheduled.  The new release date for the film is now Wednesday 12 December 2012.  John Davie, General Manager of Roadshow Films NZ, states “Given the unprecedented level of interest in the film on a local level we are delighted to be one of the first markets in the world to screen the film for audiences, a full day earlier than the traditional Thursday release.”  Midnight screenings launch at 12.01am at select cinemas across the country, with pre-sale tickets for all NZ... read full article


An Unexpected Release

I absolutely can't wait to see this film!! Love love love the lord of the rings and I am sure this will not disappoint.


Great news and very exciting for all true Kiwi Hibbitrons and LOTR fans. Many sleepless nights coming for all those grown up kids at heart. 12:01 kickoff will mean all nighters for some as well as they digest the new film and debate its artistic and literary merits.


My BFF is so excited & dragging me along to a midnight screening.


Seriously cant wait for this to come out!


I cant wait for this movie!!!


...really can't wait for this movie....have been a fan of Tolkiens way before LOTR's movies were done, have loved reading the books since I was first handed a copy of the hobbit at the age of 11 which I loved and went on to read most of Tolkiens work....this is definitely one movie that will have me rushing to watch it...awesome


Im sure, it is not only myself and my partner, who is so so so excited for this movie The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey....and we are so fortunate that we will be having the unexpected release a day earlier than it will be shown to the world... and myself and my partner will be watching them on the first day... Cheers!!!


I see Ian McKellen's post tax ('take home') earnings hit $9.2 million last year, with this latest Hobbit film making a substantial contribution to that. What a fantastic position to be in as a 73 year old. Well deserved - the man is a legend.


My hubby is dying to see this and gonna take a day of work to go, guess I'll have to tag along!


That's awesome. Can't wait to actually see the masterpiece!


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