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There's no better way to rebuild and strengthen your body, than to take a couple days a week outside of your regular workout schedule to focus on the weak areas of your body. By doing this you will discover that you are much more mobile and therefore stronger in your workouts, providing you with better results from the work and effort that you do put forth. This workout is less intense than one of your regular workouts and you only need to perform it twice a week on an off-day. So, 3 of the exercises I'm going to start with involve a tennis ball and a foam roller and in total I'm going to cover 11 exercises along with an abs circuit. Now, if... read full article


An Off-Day Workout to Repair and Strengthen Your Body

My Off-Day usually envolves sitting on the couch watching other people running around playing sport on TV while eating chippies, chocolate, icecream, BK (in no particular order) and washed down with some Diet Coke for a balanced diet.


"Next is the "Y" exercise." I imagine that's the question on the minds of most men.


MAN! I got so motivated and pumped up reading this article it made me go for a 10k run down to KFC to get a double-down! imagine my disappointment when they told me they haven't started yet! I had comfort myself with a gimme five meal instead.


This article does raise a valid point in that there is a percentage of people who go to the gym merely to make themselves "look" stronger focusing only on specific weights etc. It's important to keep a balance and not build up one muscle while neglecting the rest of your body as this can be counter productive and do more harm than good. This routine looks like a great all body work out that will improve that balance while still allowing you to focus on your primary goals on the "on-days".


The reason of having off-days is exactly that, to do nothing but switch/turn/jack off. Who wants to do an extra 2 work outs per week??? Maybe if I lived on Jersey Shore...


Finding it really hard to visualise... I think we need some pics or something coz only exercise nuts would understand all of this in one reading.


Ok, read it twice, it's starting to make some sense. I really like the idea of a workout that I can perform without equipment.

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