Discussing :: An Adventurer's Bucket List for 30 (or 40 or 50 or...) year olds

Reaching the big three-oh is a milestone that is often seen as the peek of the hill… as in, it’s all down hill from there. People hold twenty-nine-plus-one birthdays, or try to forget that the day is even happening, seeing thirty as the point where you are officially “old”. But thirty is certainly not the end. In fact, things will only get better from here. By the end of your thirties, you’ll be earning more, and if you had kids in your late twenties, early thirties, you’ll start to gain your independence back. With that in mind, everyone hitting thirty should be celebrating the fact that their life is only just beginning.... read full article


An Adventurer's Bucket List for 30 (or 40 or 50 or...) year olds

Cool a young mans bucketlist.i see number 27) swim with the dolphins is also one of this months prizes. well played get frank well played indeed.


Hehe just posted 'would love to be able to cross this off the bucket list' on the Swim With Dolphins comp before coming here and seeing this! :)


Great bucket list although I would love to do most things on here I would probably not do the sky diving or swimming with sharks!


...I love the list but their are a few others I would like to do too, some out of the ordinary...like ride a camel through the desert, sleep on the side of a mountain (though I am scared I might fall out of my tent and hurdle to the ground), camp at Yosemite national park in the states.....ride a motor cycle around route 66 in the states with a close group of friends, preferably a Harley or Triumph.....have a go at speeding across the salt flats in Utah....heli bungy....watch the sunset in Tuscany....jam with Bob Dylan or CCR or just watch in awe....just saying


Il be thirty in the next couple of years, I love this list! Def guna start a bucket list of my own :)


Some good aventure ideas. I'd love to get into paragliding.


Have managed to tick some of those off my list but most seem extreme sports almost.. Surely there's a bit of travel and something other than the outdoors that people wish to do! Maybe its cause of my fear of heights rules out most, haha!


Love it! Am close to thirty and have done 6/10 of the top 10.


Gotta stretch yourself that's what I think. Or tho I'm not sure I could do things that involves highs!!


I have half of this list done and dusted. Just need to add the swimming with dolphins to the list.


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