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Imagine Clint Eastwood riding into town chasing after some crazy bandit that just robbed the Wells Fargo stagecoach, gunning down a couple of Pinkerton detectives in the process. Eastwood, atop his trusty steed, trots down the dusty main drag of town, the occasional tumbleweed rolling across his path, until he draws up in front of the local saloon. The bartender turns his head at the sound of Eastwood's spurs ka-chinking up to the bar. He leans over on the bar, levelling a cold, steely gaze at the bartender and … what does he order? If you didn't say whiskey, you need to watch more cowboy movies. There's no doubt that of all the... read full article


American Whiskey, The Story

I lived in Tennessee for a couple of years (Knoxville) and never found Jack Daniels to be worth more than mouthwash... Knob Creek at 100 proof was a smooth-as-butter, perfect sipper. Drank it straight but discovered it in a Mexican restaurant in Pittsburgh as a "Kentucky Margarita". A funky but well designed replacement for the typical tequila. Too bad I haven't found a drop of Knob Creek in Chch... Maker's Mark comes in second, not as strong and oddly not as smooth. If in Christchurch, check out Whisky Galore for the best selection I've ever seen. They have tastings too which is great.


American Whiskey, The Story

A great family past time back in Cali...watching old westerns with my dad while he enjoys a Tennesee Whiskey after dinner, a true red neck. I'd have to say my favorite from memory is Rio Grande starring good ole John Wayne.


American Whiskey, The Story

Sorry Mr.Luntz but I am in complete disageement to your findings. I have tried all the 3 tennessee whiskeys you named and their flavour of taste and smoothness does not come up to par with Bourbon whiskeys of which I tried quite a few. I have found ( for me anyway ) that Jim Beam Blends have the smoothest taste of all the Bourbon whiskeys I have tried. I also enjoy Jim Beam Rye more than any tennessee whiskeys as well. What more can I say. Am I biased. No I dont think so. I just enjoy the Best and it is called Jimmy Beam.

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