Discussing :: Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

Basement Jaxx, the cross-genre-fusing South Londoners, have been making bona fide party music since the beginning of the millennium. Yet as 2009 comes to an end, and we bid adieu to this decade, it seems rather probable that in turn we are also farewelling Basement Jaxx from the dance and techno scene. In 1999 with Remedy, 2001 with Rooty, and then followed up by the titanic success of Kish Kash, which won the duo a Grammy and is still considered one of the best modern electronica albums ever, Basement Jaxx have produced hit after ubiquitous hit, and infected the world with their eclectic buzz. So it's impossible to deny the fact that these boys know how... read full article


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

100% dissagree. Awesome album!


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

Totally agree with the review man.
What the hell happened to Basement Jaxx?
They used to be so good and original - and now they sound like crap.
It's a real bummer because I was a big fan.
I guess this is the end for Basement Jaxx.
Awesome review by the way!


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

Thats usually how it goes...first album/s are so awesome because they're "FRESH" and then when it all starts to sound the same it gets boring and predictable.

I really liked Basement Jaxx too but hmmm i think they need to find their "spark" or get "reinspired" asap. Maybe it could be due to the "recession"??

Never know being close to Christmas and all, they could drop Santa an email and see what he recommends!!
What would Batman do in a time like this??

All the best Basement Jaxx!!


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

I sincerely hope this is not the end for basement jaxx, they are brilliant. They gotta be one of the best groups for their "genre" of music. the recent stuff is not a Fav amongst my circle of friends, but having said that what artist/group has a concession of wonderful albums/tracks, somewhere along the line there is always an album that doesnt quite measure up to others. All music/artists have an expiration date....lets hope basement jaxx's is not in the immediate future. nice work basement jaxx....keep it up guys! Gotta admit though, they nowhere near as good as earlier stuff.


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

interest read, thanks.


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

I actually didnt think Scars was that bad an album but I do agree that they lost their spark and needed to do something or fade into oblivion.


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

This guys way out of touch. What does he like?


Album Review: Basement Jaxx - Scars

this guys are the best.


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