Discussing :: Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

We have all seen them in the malls and clubs – men in their thirties and forties trying to recapture the style of their youth. Or, even more commonly, engaging in a vain effort to appropriate “a look” for themselves from one of the seemingly endless and eclectic array of looks (“it” and otherwise) paraded around by today’s youth. A “tragic” sight made all the more so by the fact that many of these abandoned sons of dignity seem painfully unaware of how ridiculous they look. Of course, irrespective of whether their manifest lack of judgment is a result of simple nostalgia; a desire to make themselves more... read full article


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

I pray I never end up 60 years old, with a Porsche, fake tan, gold chain and a 20 year old girlfriend!


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Everyone is different and even these people help to make life varied and unusual. The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same.


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Great article. I just want to age gracefully. Too bad your only young once.


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Wow - some strong comments and generalisations there. a couple of further for the discussion - what about comfort and laziness?. Lets be hnonest guys find a style of clothing and stay with it. It doesn't matter what the time period is - guys finf something they like and wear it always. I think this is related to self esteem. A guy loks good - it works - stick wit it! It takes a lot of effort to get an older guy to reform his wardrobe. The best thing to do - is one piece at a time. Like giving up a bad addiction. Going cold turkey is hard but by making subtle changes men can get it right!


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Women do this and they are made to be some grate thing called a couger. so whats the differance. Go the old blokes in the club get the young girls


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Wow that' a long article. But really everyone is so different, in self esteem and everything else, to look good is highly subjective to yourself. One of the greatest pieces of advice in clothing and to be comfortable in it. Then the look and style - that's for yourself to decide.


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

I'm glad the article finally says "enjoy the ride" at the end, because to me that is what fashion and dress sense is all about.... I've gotta say that I didn't understand a lot of the fancy words and analysis in the above article...and no offence intended to the author but I wouldn't mind betting he is a youngster in his 20s. I am in my mid-thirties and as I've aged a bit I have come to realise that what I wear isn't really about being cool or stylish or trying to impress...it's just about wearing what is right for me and my personality...(and what is comfortable ;))....in return, I don't pay anywhere near as much attention to what OTHERS are wearing as I used to when I was younger. So to me, I don't care if a 40 year old wants to wear a gold chain and track pants with his boxers showing...to others he might be trying to recapture his youth, but to him he may just be being himself and feeling good about it. After all, that's what life is all about..."enjoying the ride"...


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

It's these guys that end up with the "Hot" girls if you ask me. Fake and plastic, they match each other perfectly haha.


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Be yourself dress the way that is you. do not try to look like someone else, but also do not let others dictate the way you dress etc, just be you and be proud of it even if that may be odd.


Ageing (Dis)gracefully?

Dont act like a git, if your old then act your age, some ladies like mature men. getting old isnt a license to flaunt your beer gut, pull your pants up past your navel or wear socks and sandals unless you want to be old and single. if you were like my old man you would go for walks and work on the car or the garden


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