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Adidas have launched the all-new ClimaCool Ride, the brand’s newest running shoe with 360 degree ventilation, attacking the main cause of runners’ discomfort – high humidity and temperature. Offered in 26 vibrant colors, the shoe is a unique combination of performance and fashion.“We saw a need and opportunity with the ClimaCool Ride to create the perfect shoe that performs extremely well and looks good too,” said Mikal Peveto, director of running for adidas America.  “At 8.9 ounces, it’s lightweight and flexible with just the right amount of durability and cushioning, making it the ideal running shoe for spring... read full article


Adidas ClimaCool Ride

I like this shoe light and flexible!


Just did my first half marathon last week. Great experience and reinforces the need for great shoes. Would love to try these out.


Did Round the Bays this year, and my shoe felt like it was on fire! I reckon it actually burned my toes, definitely need to invest in a cooler running shoe like this one.


Great looking shoe, and the lighter weight is particularly appealing. If they can stop toenails falling off after a half-marathon they really will be the full monty.


I feel like a lot of younger people buy all purpose training shoes to save a bit of money but it is important to buy shoes that are fit for purpose. If you intend to do a lot of running it is definitely worthwhile investing in a shoe that is designed specifically for running - whereas other shoes will be more suited to specific sports. This shoe looks like it incorporates some great technology and will allow runners to be both fashionable and comfortable while training and competing - especially with 26 colours to choose from!


im still waiting for the world's first fully air conditioned shoe... come on people, get designing!


There is nothing worse than running with sweaty, wet feet. These look like great shoes..but can they make me run faster? Still, I would give them a try.


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These new boots look absolutely incredible. However I wonder has Adidas addressed the shape of the boots to fit the short wide feet of many of the jandal wearing Kiwis ? Because of this problem with Adidas boots I had to wear Puma Wide Commands................


Yes I will admit that I'm a ADIDAS man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***sorry the video has swearing in it***


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