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To celebrate all things fashion, throughout September there will be three unique designer cocktails that have been inspired by Adrian Hailwood, Federation and Lonely Hearts and created by ABSOLUT For those of you tempted to try making these fab cocktails for yourself, Getfrank has got its sticky little hands on the recipes:ABSOLUT FASHION DESIGNER COCKTAILSABSOLUT HAILWOODInspired by Adrian Hailwood45ml ABSOLUT Citron6 wedges of lime2 barspoons of caster sugar30ml of fresh pomegranate juice Method: Muddle lime with sugar and shake with ABSOLUT Citron and fresh pomegranate juiceGarnish: Rose petalsGlass: Tumbler   ABSOLUT FEDERATIONInspired by... read full article


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Oh yum! What a great selection. Gone are the days of just vodka and lift, these sound delicious. Vodka (especially Absolut) is such a great base for cocktails. I think the Federation cocktail would be nicer with crushed ice but think I may have to experiment on this later! Theres so many different varieties of ingrediants that you can put in drinks today it really is an art unto itself. Cant wait to try these ones out though.


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Yum yum yum I want some :-) its only 11am but this makes we want to have a liquid lunch!!!


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Ahhh, Federation & Absolut Kurant...doesn't get much better than that. Great clothing desingers and a fantastic Summers drink! Roll-on-Summer! Wahoo


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Sweet, missus will love these. might even be good enough to get me some muahahaha


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Sweet, missus will love these. might even be good enough to get me some muahahaha


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

More than the twist of lime, I like the twist of irony with Absolut Lonely Hearts cocktail being made from Absolute Pears - Lonely hearts and pairs don't spring to mind as a match in heaven! SOunds damned divine though!


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Absolut should only be drunk straight from the bottle after chilling in the freezer for an hour or 3. VODKA SKULLS


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

The Lonely Hearts cocktail is something that gets made in a lot of different ways (but I never quite called it that!). Personally I manage to pull it off with vodka + lime cordial + soda or if the vodka is really strong - sprite. add some mint sprigs + a lemon wedge and tada! The citrus flavours make it refreshing and cuts the vodka taste well. I would vouch for this cocktail anytime ;-)


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

Call me a Hutt Valley Bogan but what happened to a simple vodka and orange? Most of the ingredients I didn't know what they were, were I could find them or couldn't pronounce. Yep I should have paid attention more at College.


ABSOLUT Fashion Designer Cocktails

We've tried some cocktails from the Absolut website in the past. Well worth a look and a great way to get started. They should run some courses in home cocktail making before the summer BBQ season though!


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