Discussing :: A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

While lagers are dominant in Germans' beer tastes, Germany is also well known for their wheat beer, generally fermented with ale yeast. We can also find a few precious barley ale styles, which are delicious but a bit hard to describe for reasons I will detail below. Let's kick things off with a look at the wheaty side of things. Wheat Beer There are basically two types of German-style wheat ales: Bavarian Weizen (which includes the popular "hefe-weizen"), and the currently-in-decline Berliner Weisse style. Weizen beers are currently in vogue after decades of relative obscurity. They are a Bavarian tradition, and though they are "wheat" beers, malted... read full article


A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

Went backpacking where i met a german lad, naturally the subject of german beers came up. As it was the end of the week we thought we would go down to the local and see what they had. As it turned out we bought a range of german beers (the wheaty flavour was my favourite) and got stuck in a sampling session. what started as in intellectual beer discussion turned out to be one of the funniest nights ive had. and i'm still in contact with my german buddy!


A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

When I was 18 I went on Contiki. Naturally one of the stops was Munich for the last day of Oktoberfest. And so begins one of the greatest nights of my life. We all travelled to the event on trains from our hotel and were already "half cut" by the time we arrived from drinking a few of the local beers in the hotel... it seems just about anywhere you go in Germany you can just order a beer and it will be good and when I say good amazing by NZ standards. Interestingly enough the Germans have been brewing their beers under the Purity law of 1516, which basically states they have no additives. TAKE THAT Steinlager. Anyway back to my story... We decided there was no time to "fornicate spiders" and headed straight to the Hoffbrau Beer tent. The place was absolutely crawling with Kiwis and Aussies drunken and singing from tables and it was only mid afternoon. The night began to get messy from there and many a round of Stein was ordered the waitresses boobs got bigger and bigger and I somehow managed to get pretty cozy with a little sexy blonde frouline and her friend. They dragged me outside and lit up a joint, which one of the German Police saw and immediately kicked them out but left me to go back inside as I was a tourist and did not partake in the smoking. So I proceeded to drown my sorrows in the ladies absence and have a few more steins and we were all smashing things by this stage including our steins and each other. The Contiki tour made its way back to the hotel (God only knows how) via the train. Our tour guide was so drunk himself he fell in the Gap between the train and the landing a bit of an emergency occurred trying to free him and he was lucky not to loose his leg. All of this of course I struggled to remember and only figured out what had happened the next day by looking through my photos on my camera and asking the more sober individuals on the tour. Here's my favourite photo which pretty much sums up the night.


A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

A Good Lager is worth................. well you fill in the rest !!!


A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

The Germans' like the Kiwis sure love their beers!!!


A Tale of Lagers and Weizen Part II

A good lager is like a fine wine- there is a time and a place- and the time is now and the place is here.....


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