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Ahh the Grammys - a night of long-winded acceptance speeches and undeserving nominees (depending on your levels of sobriety and cynicism, in respective order.) Beyonce once again dominated with multiple wins for her smash hit "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" a song that without the seductive music video of scantily clad dancers would probably have disappeared a while back. But thanks to YouTube and the relentless overplaying of the track on commercial radio, Beyonce still remains a current entity. Whilst still on the topic of Beyonce, who has heard "Video Phone" featuring Lady Gaga? Now there is a prime example of 'sex sells everything'...... read full article


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

Hipster convert? I thought this was about Music not jeans! I'm NOT READING A LETTER MORE!!


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

or perhaps you hate lady gaga for her outrageously mismatched black eyebrows. Harks back to the days of the pre-pluckism of a certain Bagust, don't ya think..?


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

right on! take me back to the days of The Ramones, Magazine, Velvet Underground, The Clash etc etc any day! Give me a band that blasts the house with pure, raw talent, none of this synthtesised shit, mixers to make a shit voice sound great, sensationalised stage display and sound effects, just real, unadulterated talent where the vocals and instruments stand on their own, over-played, commercialised music is a dime a dozen, but none of them can be that untainted, garage-band sound, back before the days of Noise Control where excess knew no limits.


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

Agreed - MTV generation of music consumers - driven by motivations far seperate fromt he old age appreciation for music that was actually ABOUT something and was about pushing boundaries and being new - now being controversial and different seems to equate to wearing no pants, wearing someone elses hair do (Lady gaga!!) and crude commetns about people video taping them in the nud. No thanks! Give me Joy Division any day


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

I wonder where these so called great musicians will be in 5 years does anyone really think that their music will go down in history like the greats e.g the Clash or Metallica. Also has actually being able to play an instrument gone out the window, these days its all computer generated crap. And yes i also hate the fact that the only reason that these people are famous is that sex sells, I can imagine if the world wasn't so P.C they would be naked just to make some money not for the love of the music. WHERE IS THE PASSION FOR QUALITY and is it just me or are 90% of new music just the same 3 or 4 words repeated over and over again to some catchy beat, variety people


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

If you are a person like me that doesn't listen to rnb or hip hop or wot ever you call it these days go to THE ROCK FM. Bands like Metallica, ACDC, are gona be with us for many years to come people like lady gaga u will probably never hear of nxt year in 2011


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

What I love about Lady Gaga - She doesn't feel the need to wear pants, we should all take a leaf out of her book. Clothes are so overrated.


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

This may be too much of a tangent for this article... The corporate world manages to get its claws into pretty much everything these days, and the music world is no different. The vast majority of modern music has been sterlised and processed to such a degree that the 'flavour' of the original artist has all but disappeared. All we get to sustain our musical taste buds now are catchy 3 minute sound bites paired with ridiculous music vidoes. The modern musician is squeezed to provide as much oil as possible for the corporate machine before they are passed over for the next up and coming talent. The days of sustainable musical dynasties (The Beatles, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Elton John et al.) are over.


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

I like and dislike a lot of popular music and have no problem enjoying an artist when they become popular although I also dislike Lad Gaga and Beatles. Would be a boring world if everybody liked the same music.


A Rambling - Beyoncà©, Lady Gaga and Marvin Gaye

Lady GaGa sucks balls, possibly her own to. She's as talentless as they people who write her music but commercial radio thrash her shite for some unknown reason. Guess they get paid good $$$ to play it 3 times a day. I think the good old days of musical legends are behind us. I'm just glad I found the underground music scene. Electronic music, indy rock & underground hip hop will keep soldering on reminding us that there are some talented musicians in the world who aren't prepared to sell their souls to the large record companies for 5 minutes of fame.

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