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Amenity is pioneering a new skincare segment called “Clinical Grooming™” that, for the first time, provides men with solution-focused, physician-developed products made specifically to address their unique skin concerns and to fit into their daily routines. Men’s skin is different than women’s – thicker and oilier. Prone to red blotches, acne, dryness, irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs that can be caused by daily shaving, men’s skin care problems are different too. Now, Amenity introduces PRO-FORM 6™, the first ever patent-pending, all-in-one solution for men’s skin. Through extensive market... read full article


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Stress less, eat healthy, exercise everyday. You'll look and feel super awesome.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Make sure you wash at least once a week, keeps the flies away!


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

salicylic acid is man's best friend. it can be found in willow bark, a few aftershaves, aspirin and in organic chemistry laboratories. although for gods sake, dilute it!!!


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Want to draw in the ladies but can't afford a bottle of 'eau du weasel pisseur'? Here's a handy little organic tip.

Dab a little semen behind the ear and any other body zone you want to enhance. The natural pheromone will attract the ladies a hell of a lot more than aftershave. Cheap and pleasurable to manufacture. For best results recommend that you use your own semen.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Brush your hair!!


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Moisturise every day after shaving.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Keep your hair looking good by going to a good hairdresser every 4 weeks and cutting your nails short. Use a good manly body spray all over and have nice white teeth for all the smiling.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Don't be scared of soap


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Always use new, sharp razor blades - if you can't afford them too often, soaking the blades in vodka sterilises them, and you can sharpen them on a matchbox! Bargain!


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Wear clean clothes, brush your teeth and slap the product on the hair.


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