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Amenity is pioneering a new skincare segment called “Clinical Grooming™” that, for the first time, provides men with solution-focused, physician-developed products made specifically to address their unique skin concerns and to fit into their daily routines. Men’s skin is different than women’s – thicker and oilier. Prone to red blotches, acne, dryness, irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs that can be caused by daily shaving, men’s skin care problems are different too. Now, Amenity introduces PRO-FORM 6™, the first ever patent-pending, all-in-one solution for men’s skin. Through extensive market... read full article


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Don't forget about your feet, they need some TLC, too!!! :)


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

drink lots of water


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

boys - trim those nose hairs! yuck.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

have a shower every day


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

If you use a moisturizer make sure it contains some sort of sunscreen protection especially if you are outside for most of the day.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

A warm face cloth on your face before shaving will leave less irritation after shaving.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Sahve everyday and its easier! Also preserves the blades as they dont have to cut through the gorse lol


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Ask you girlfriend, wife, other half for advice...haha


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Use aMENity gel face cleanser.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Splash hot water on your face before a shave cause it makes it easier, you dont get that shave rash. And try to avoid being shot when you play paintball, you get round red spots everywhere which makes you look like you have tropical ulcers.

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