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Amenity is pioneering a new skincare segment called “Clinical Grooming™” that, for the first time, provides men with solution-focused, physician-developed products made specifically to address their unique skin concerns and to fit into their daily routines. Men’s skin is different than women’s – thicker and oilier. Prone to red blotches, acne, dryness, irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs that can be caused by daily shaving, men’s skin care problems are different too. Now, Amenity introduces PRO-FORM 6™, the first ever patent-pending, all-in-one solution for men’s skin. Through extensive market... read full article


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Groom as soon as you get up. Saves you forgeting to say, brush your hair and not realising till someone at the end of the day says "your hair is a bit messed up" buy then 1000 people have see your and think "scruff" worse still the chick that turned down a date may have been thinking "if this is him tieded up, GOOD GOD"


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

SHAVE. The wife hates stubble


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Make shaw you smell good.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Go Short if you're balding.


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

MPM! Keep it under control... Need I say more?


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

use shaving cream, or be prepared to have a sore face


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Always shave in one direction and dont try pouty faces in the mirror-you will never use them


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

Moisturise after shaving!


A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

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A|MEN|ity Gel Face Cleansers

wash your hair regularly and keep good hands and nails (both fingers and toes), the chicks like a dude with nice hands etc,but not in a metro way, so that means cut them and clean out the oil, blood and dirt from under them.

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