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I'll confess: I'm scared of wine. Now, it's not like I'm worried that a bottle of Cabernet will jump me in a dark alley, taking my purse and leaving my shirt fatally stained. Instead, I'm intimidated by wine because ordering it comes with a specific etiquette, an etiquette that doesn't apply to any other form of alcohol. When ordering a beer or a whiskey and coke, the act of ordering is really just free form and anything - yelling, shouting, slurring, performing an interpretive dance - is acceptable. Anything goes. With wine, however, a certain poise is demanded. Because of this, people, myself included, often panic: we... read full article


A Fear of Wine Bottled up Inside You

have been in that restaurant situation a few times and good tips on what to do in this article. Waiters/waitresses must see some funny experiences with patron reactions


It is one of those things I will put on the list for my son when her turns 21 of useful wisdoms in life....Familiarise yourself with Wine Etiquette as it will always come in handy...when impressing a lady, lunching with your boss or business prospect along with going for a ballroom dance lessons and learning how to make a really good cup of coffee:-)


I wish I'd known about these rules before making a fool of myself. Who knew that drinking direct from the bottle was unacceptable? :) Seriously though, this is a great article with some easy to follow tips on choosing a suitable wine to go with your dinner.


I have taken a class about wine and still feel like there is so much to learn. Wine is an ever changing entity where I feel like you can never know enough. Wine should not be learned about to impress others it should be learned about so that you can learn what you truly enjoy and can explore that.


I always wondered what happens if after you've swirled, sniffed and tasted you've decided that the wine is not appropriate? Can you then tell the waiter you want another bottle of wine instead?!? I've never tried this but I imagine it would be interesting to see how the waiter responds....!!


Well, I have had a bottle that had gone sour. They replaced it immediately. Not as common these days but with corks it was a regular occurrence.


Never found a restaurant that gave you any option other than swallowing when presented with a taste of a new bottle....guess all wine must be good with those new fangled screwy things.

No option but to swallow? I'm convinced there is a sick joke wrapped up in that statement....


At the end of the day it's just fruit juice no need to get to worked up about it some of it tastes sweet some sour. It tastes better if your with good people and enjoying yourself


I'm defiantly intimidated by wine, and don't feel like I have enough appreciation for it


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