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The American philosopher Emerson once said, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Rats. The man was clearly a philosopher, not an entrepreneur. My experience is that there are thousands of different mousetraps, some better than others, and no-one’s door is in danger of being beaten down. Let’s call it the Incrementalism Trap. Product changes tend to be minor, but instead of facing this truth and working with it, many companies use marketing to promote their products way beyond their contribution. A mousetrap that kills the mouse a nanosecond faster is heralded as ‘the humane trap’, the one... read full article


A better mousetrap

"People aren't looking for better mousetraps, they're wondering about why the mouse is in their kitchen in the first place."
I agree that this is a fundamental change in the way people look at products, but we are a long way from consumers actually truly KNOWING WHAT THEY NEED. Advertising still has the power to convince people they need things that don't really solve their problems. Cases in point: Anti-bacterial handwash, milk with added calcium, fruit juice mixed with water!??!?

Agreed there's a large amount of value there, once you step to that side things split into two with ethics though. Case in point - Dettol's scaremongering tactics.

organic vs free range vs other

a huge argument - for many it's not affordable


A better mousetrap

why noy invent a judicial system for mice?
"steal my cheese, you get the electric chair"
im sure they would listen

That is stupid.


A better mousetrap

Sometimes a better mousetrap is ... telling your freakn neighbour not to HOARD USELESS CRAP and PUT THEIR RUBBISH OUT FOR COLLECTION ON RUBBISH DAY!! Another better mousetrap is to tell the City Council and they deal with it.

I understand that what you do in your own home is your own business but when its starting to cause problems (such as attracting vermon and other unusual creatures) for the whole neighbourhood that's when someone needs to do something about it, especially if the person with the problem does nothing.

Just Lazy or Just Not-All-There? ...I wonder also.


A better mousetrap

whenever i think of mousetraps i always remember being told this as a child - "the early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"


A better mousetrap

I totally agree with the above article, I also agree with consumers paying more for sustainable goods, I feel alot better about my choices when choosing to shop 'sustainably' which in turn affects my day to day life and wellbeing.
Recently downsizing my car for a far more efficient model not only helps the environment but helps my financial position, at the end of the day you still get to work on time!
It's great that supermarkets are finally listening to their bread and butter, I too appreciate groups of items and especially appreciate the international foods sections - after all we are an ever growing multi-cultural society, Why not embrace it!


A better mousetrap

i think sustainability goes a long way towards product confidence, with so many companies dabbling in all the pies wouldnt it be nice to know, "yes i dont have to buy another one of those for ten years thanks ****" a better mousetrap is fine but if it aint broke...


A better mousetrap

Just get a cat,what better mousetrap!

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