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The best thing about the Government’s decision to extend the option of 90 day grievance periods to all employers, is that the unions have planned a protest today outside the National Party conference. Many delegates had lamented how much they miss the traditional protests outside, so thanks to the CTU for going to the effort to organise one.Turning to the merits of the policy, I would commend to readers a copy of the DOL report into the current 90 day grievance free period for small employers. Not online yet, but expect will be on DOL website on Monday. Some key facts from their survey:    * Half of the employers who had hired someone... read full article


90 day trials

I think that extended trial periods are great, some staff will seem great the first few days but will show their true colours later on.. usually you don't need to fire these staff as they just stop showing up for work. Over the years I've seen this happen quite a lot. You can give some people a chance, but they throw it away as often as not. The union protesters are stupid & they should start businesses themselves & see it from an employers perspective for a change.


90 day trials

As an employee I think the 90 day trial is great - employers should be encouraged to take on new staff, but they should also have the ability to easily get rid of workers who aren't cutting the mustard!


90 day trials

I agree - the 90 day work trial is great and the only ones who have anything to fear are crap workers. It costs about a third of a year's salary to train someone so you don't want to get into training and then realise the employee just isn't up to task. CVs can be exaggerated, interviews can be misleading, a work trial is the best way of determining if someone is up to task. Under old laws, it was a NIGHTMARE to get rid of useless staff members. Thumbs up to National on this one.


90 day trials

It has it's merits, but it is also open for abuse. If no reason is to be given, then how can the employer's justify the termination? Lets say I start a job, do the hard work, and do it well, and then the peak season stops, and the boss tells me to leave without explanination? Whats stopping me thinking that he just used me to get the job done, and there was never going to be a full time position? Explaninations should be mandatory. If you are terminated due to piss poor work ethics, or you are useless at the role, let it be known! Maybe that person can work on being a better employee if they are given the hard word.


90 day trials

its good and bad..but dont want to get all technical as you wont know what I am talking about.


90 day trials

Fair law but you should be told why you were fired.


90 day trials

74% of those in a trial period retained their employment. so the majority are being retained

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