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Do you have difficulty saying “no”? Are you always trying to be nice to others at the expense of yourself?Well, you’re not alone. In the past, I was not good at saying “no”, because I didn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.   read full article


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

Don't follow thw crowd...Say No!!!!


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

OMG this sounds exactly like my husband :o


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

Great article. Because of the work I do, I am constantly being asked to do 'homers' for free (even by friends of friends!). I always find it hard to say no..and it takes time and energy away from my family, and I don't get to relax over the weekend. Thanks for the tips on how to say NO....I will be putting them into practice!

I'll find it easier to say no with the recent upheaval in my life... time to unwind more & look out for myself I think!


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

Zen habits I love it I named my son Zen this year! Oh and go on say no!! You'll feel better for it! People don't always thank you for saying yes.


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

its the dreaded... would you mind? Of course not, I have time to do everything for you.... I don't like to offend people so I am one people who can't say no!!!! And some of the time, don'tcha find that its sometimes better to do something you self cos then you know its done right.... I don't know, make me stronger I say... give me a pill, we have pills for everything else, I want a NO Pill!!! LOL


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

It's not easy, but 'No, I can't' or just plain 'No' are the most direct and honest responses. Why dress it up, unless your ambition in life is to become a doormat.


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

I didn't know I had problems saying no until a colleague came to me one day and said "you are a very nice person but your problem is that you can't say no" which was totally unexpected because I never really worked with her at all. But she was right. I was working over-time and taking on lots and lots of extra work while the team was seriously short-staffed but some of the more senior memebers seem to be able to get away with not working much. I have since then tried to say no more often but it's not always effective and I do still feel bad saying no sometimes but I'll get there!


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

Sometimes people can be awfully convincing but you know they probably don't need you to say yes as much as they make out and a lot of them are just lazy. Say NO!


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

I've always helped out when asked, but didn't realize it had become a problem until my lady pointed out that I barely had time or energy for our relationship. I was raised to help others when needed, so it took me a long time to get used to saying 'No' when I wasn't free. In the beginning I felt really guilty about it, but it got easier in the long run. Since the change I notice that friends and family only call on me when I'm really needed. The ones that used to ask all the time don't bother me any more either. I'm happy, my lady is happy. All's well that ends well.


7 Simple Ways To Say "No"

Have to admit reading this article opened my eyes to my inability to say no, i suddenly realised I am one of these people who says yes all the time!! I'm forever delaying the things I need to do to help out others both at work and in my private life... ironically this type of help isn't often reciprocated!! Well time for the hardline I think, going to put some of these methods into practice and reclaim my time for me!! Great Article!

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