Discussing :: 5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Imagine this is sex school. This is one of the most important lessons you will learn. The female orgasm, much like the female mind, is a complex phenomenon that is hard to understand. But pay attention to the following insider’s tutorial and you you’ll soon work your way to the top of the class. Good Things Take TimeStudies suggest that it can take a woman anywhere between 15-40 minutes to orgasm via sexual intercourse. On the contrary, a man may be able to reach climax in as quick as 2 minutes. As a result, many women are so preoccupied with taking too long that they will fake climax or simply go without. But relaxation is an essential... read full article


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

awesome article, i think guys tend to often go into to sex with the wrong mindset which is pleasure for themselves, however going with the opposite mindset can and will fall majorly in your favor. Instead of tryna get your clothes off as quick as possible and get your dick in, try using a combination of slow warm breathing around her neck and ear area, running your finger tips lightly down her back, and running the tip of your tongue over her entire body, which will help her completely relax, making your job of getting her to climax a little easier. A simple 'rule' to follow would be not penetrating until AFTER she climax's, although this could be difficult in the beginning the skill of making a female climax before you penetrate will forever be in your favour. So with all that said, the bottom line is instead of having sex for your pleasure, become so good at pleasuring a woman's body rather than just plain 'fuckin' :D peace


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm



5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

hmm i wonder how many guys actually listen to this and take it in. It is indeed true and you find a woman is mroe receptive when effort is put in and the emphasis isnt on 'you' getting off. It's like they say good things take time and then the rewards are even better. There are techniques and helps to talk openly about such things with your lady at the time. It's all about quality and not quantity, learn the right techniques and you could be in for the treat of your life. If you have ever seen a woman orgasm with a squirm from head to toe you will understand


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

awesome,very accurate I might add! and a few things I didn't know,saucy!!!


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Women are so complicated.


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Hmmmm, might have to invest in one of those bugs bunny vibrators....what's up doc!


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Always good things to remember


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Thanks for the advice but I prefer to learn by trial and error myself :) Even bad sex is another day well spent.

yeah i know wat u mean, well at least now u got anotha something to 'trial' out yea :D


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Great tips !! Nothing is ever perfect, but with advice and patience you can deliver heaven


5 Things You Should Know About Her Orgasm

Good things take time haha what awesome article lol this will definitely be a bonus in the bedroom of love good advice big ups getfrank lol


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