Discussing :: 5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Family

Is your family stuck in a rut? Are you bored? Do you find yourself wondering how you got so far off track? You’re not alone! All families go through times like these occasionally. I know I would love to be able to push a pause button and just sit, regroup and get back on track. While that’s not literally an option, life doesn’t come with a pause button, there are ways we can get back in touch with our families. With a bit of effort it is possible to get in sync, connect and move forward in a deliberate and meaningful way as a team. I have a great family who I love dearly but that’s not to say we get off track from time to time. I want... read full article


You can never stop searching or digging deeper into all relationships and family should come first!! Sometimes harder to do this than say.


Point 3, "do something fun", is great advice. It's so easy to sit around at home doing all the routine stuff. But an adventure, no matter how small like collecting shells on the beach, feeding ducks, or visiting to a pet shop, can be like a breathe of fresh air into a day...


sometimes you got to switch off the TV,turn off the playstation and get outside. Even getting the kids to prepare meals with you and not eat them in front of the TV goes a long way to communicating


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