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Is your family stuck in a rut? Are you bored? Do you find yourself wondering how you got so far off track? You’re not alone! All families go through times like these occasionally. I know I would love to be able to push a pause button and just sit, regroup and get back on track. While that’s not literally an option, life doesn’t come with a pause button, there are ways we can get back in touch with our families. With a bit of effort it is possible to get in sync, connect and move forward in a deliberate and meaningful way as a team. I have a great family who I love dearly but that’s not to say we get off track from time to time. I want... read full article


5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Family

I need to Ctrl+Alt+Del End Task on my life!


I love Leo! He always inspires me to be a better person!


These tips are both inspiring and practical. I didn't really think my family was stuck in a rut, but when I read over these tips, I realise that we are definitely not making the most of the time we spend together. We are all only on this earth for a short while, so best we start making the most of it!


Nobody says on their death bed "I wish I'd spent more time at work". Spend more quality time with your loved ones - you'll never get those precious hours back again.


The daily grind of work, bills and responsilibites wears you down. You always need a laugh so I think it's important that Families have fun together. Get out and enjoy life together and don't take things so seriously.


I have to admit I have been one of those "stuck in the rut" routine type things! I've found mixing things up with random weekends away (which don't have to cost the earth)! with the kids! and totally believe in "date" night! gives you something to look forward to outside of the normal day to day grind of work, bills, kids etc. Life is about living....why strive to have everything and never have the chance to enjoy it - not eveything is about keeping up with the "jones"! Live...laugh....because you never know what tomorrow will bring!


We make sure one day in every weekend is 'family exercise' time. Irrelevent of anyone's sports during week, Sunday is a time we get out and go walking/bike-riding. It is a really good routine and quality time. On really grotty days we go swimming, 10 pin bowling or mini-golfing.


Stay positive and remember to spend quality time together, even though you might not like what your partner enjoys. I had to watch those Twilight movies with her, and they really sucked, and she watches every single bit of sport I can find on TV. See it's all about compromise and sharing what makes each other tick.


I wish we had of had a more active lifestyle when i was a kid


It is so important to ensure that as a family, you set aside time to do things together. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of travelling to places and doing things with my family. My philosophy on being a parent involves creating long standing memories for your children, that they will remember and cherish and encourage them to be well rounded, useful members of society. By sitting back and taking stock of the family situtation, this can be acheived.

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