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We've got three Limited edition 30 Days of Night - DVD Sets.Interview with Josh HarnettDVD Review These come with DVD, Comic Book with original drawings by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith, t-shirt, and even a mousepad.To secure your kit spin us your worst nightmare.  read full article


30 Days of Night

Stuck in a pitch black room with no exit with a madman weilding a power saw.


30 Days of Night

having my arm chained to Clint Rickards for a week... who knows what he would do to you.


30 Days of Night

getting dragged out to sea by a giant fishing hook


30 Days of Night

Waking up in the morning and being blind, then realising your not blind but that the sun just isn't there anymore. Then the howling starts...


30 Days of Night

Sitting out on my surfboard waiting for a set to roll through – Out of the depths directly below me thunders a GREAT WHITE SHARK mouth open teeth at the ready he's farking hungry and I'm sitting on his dinner plate!


30 Days of Night

I had the worst nightmare ever in which I was still sleeping with my ex


30 Days of Night

My worst nightmare was being literally eaten by the wolf in little red riding hood! I could feel the heat and see the flesh inside his stomach! I had to be cut out and was covered in his blood...real scary fairy tail if you ask me!


30 Days of Night

When I was a bit younger I had a recurring nightmare about a giant emu-type thing chasing me around... Weird. Maybe being forced to listen to hippety hop and the pathetic drivel that passes for "pop" these days would be a nightmare for me now.


30 Days of Night

After watching Stephen King's It i had a nightmare that a killer clown was hiding under my bed, i was too afraid to put my feet on the ground let alone get up to go the toilet.


30 Days of Night

I use to dream of a giant teddy bear wit a huge whole in its stomach...straight weird...but damn it was scary!!!

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