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Spa Ayurda is providing the opportunity for a Getfrank member to treat their sweetheart to a Spa Ayurda Valentine’s Package which includes a customised facial and a relaxing therapeutic massage as well as a gift voucher of $25 to put towards their next treatment – a value of $250.  Visit their website for more information about Spa Ayurda treatments.  Gift vouchers are available.· Package is valid until 30 June 2011· Advanced booking is required· 24 hour Cancellation Policy· The package is not redeemable for cash or other services. To be in the draw let us know below why you believe your sweetheart would... read full article


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

I know this is geared up for fellas giving their ladies this awesome surprise....but I'm a lady. So on behalf of my fella - I would appreciate this because it would be incredibly relaxing and calming which will leave me in a great mood - which has to be a bonus for said fella. It also gets me out of his hair for a couple of hours - another bonus. Oh - and the fella probably won't remember or get anything for the dreaded V day - so it would give me something to give myself, from him and therefore save all heartache and tears.


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

My GF totally deserves this voucher for valentines, she has just started her new job as a pediatric nurse after studying for 5 years doing a con-joint degree at Uni. Every working day she takes care of Auckland's sick, abused and neglected children. My GF is a winner even if she doesn't win this voucher.


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

my darling wife deserves this because she has to look after our quite demanding 3&8 year old girls and then still find time for me


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

cos she says i never do


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

My girlfriend deserves this because she is leaving to canada on the 19 of feb loosing all her friends and me. it would be so nice to see her not stressing for just a few hours and just relax. i love this girl and even if i dont win this ill try my best to make her happy. thanks.


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

I don't think she has ever been to Spa Ayurda. It would be a great treat for her and she would think very highly of me!!!


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

My girlfriend deserves this because she is having a really hard time at the moment trying to find a job. She has worked hard for the last 3 years to get her degree and their is a real shortage of jobs out there at the moment. I think something like this could really help her right now.


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

Wow i would love this, as my partner doesn't celebrate valentine's day, he just thinks its just another day even know i get him pressies every year, i so deserve this being a house wife looking after our 2 nearly 3 year old daughter.


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

Mother of two, on her feet the whole day, now she's helping out a friend by looking after their youngest one, the dishwasher broke, so imagine the shear appreciation when its quiet around her, off her feet, getting a pamper by giving a massage and manicure...? Words would never be able to describe the joy!


$250 Valentines Voucher for your Girl

My wife would definately be stoked with this prize and she definately deserves some pampering...


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