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Based on Ben Mezrich's book Bringing Down the House, 21 is the Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions. Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) plays brilliant, blue-collar scholar Ben Campbell, whose doubts that he'll win a scholarship to Harvard Medical School compel him to join a secret, M.I.T. gang of math whiz kids. Under the silky but chilling command of a math professor (Kevin Spacey), Jim and the others master card counting, i.e., the statistical analysis of cards dealt in blackjack games. Get Frank has three sets of playing cards and DVD's to spin off, to get your win on spin us your most entertaining gambling story... read full article


21 DVD's

When I played my first game of Texas Holdem Poker I had no idea what I was doing, but I managed to get 2 others to go all in & then won the hand! stoked!


21 DVD's

once i only had $4.00 i put it in the pokie machines on the highest bet and got free spins i won something like $800, i just kept winning that night.


21 DVD's

We abandoned formal wedding plans and eloped to Las Vegas. Did a truly tacky Elvis wedding - as you should in Las Vegas. Broke our parents hearts. Gambled every night for 4 nights, lost more than we won but had a blast. The gamble on wife choice seems to have paid off - still married 6yrs on. (photographic evidence available but not put up - wife would slay me)


21 DVD's

I went to the casino with a friend once and was on a 5c machine, hit the button a couple of times and out poured $240. I went straight to the bar for a pina colada! Pocketed $200 and spent the rest. Fun night!


21 DVD's

I was in town 2 sat nights ago, there was a pokey machine that said out of credit, get operator or something similar. So I sat down, watched the pokey machine for ten minutes, went and got a staff member, they put more money in the machine and I cashed out. Got $30+ 4 free, ended up using it for my drunken taxi ride home!


21 DVD's

I lost my clothes and drove home in a stolen umbrella


21 DVD's

I mean I lost my clothes and drove home in a stolen raincoat lol


21 DVD's

i dont have any good stories on gambling. pokie machines are adictive and left me in $5000 in debt from a ex who had a major problem and stole my money from my credit cards


21 DVD's

I won a Million Bucks playing poker once...seriously!!!! However...it was a charity fundraiser for my son's Kindy at a local pub and the "Bucks" where not NZ Dollars sadly, but....I did win some really neat prizes in exchange for my "bucks" though.


21 DVD's

I played one of those sliding shelf coin drop machines while on my OE, there was this this interesting looking package right on the edge of the shelf that looked like it was on point of falling off, 30 mins later and about $40 gone it fell off, when I went to retrieve it I found that it was a cheap tacky plastic container with a novelty condom in it. Did not make my day

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