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  Here it is, in the metal – or at least in photographs of the metal – the hottest factory version of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, the SS. The newest car to wear Chevy’s iconic SS (Super Sports) moniker looks little different to other models in the retro-inspired GM pony car line-up. There’s an extra upper air intake at the front, as there was on the concept Camaro show car, a bigger lower lip and an extra styling crease above the driving lights. The idea is to make the most potent Camaro look more menacing. Adding to that impression are the standard 20-inch alloy wheels and on-show Brembo brake callipers. And, of course, SS... read full article


2010 Camaro SS

that's the sexiest car I've seen in a while!!!


2010 Camaro SS

It looks part Porshe, part BMW, and part Audi... good combo.

With the abilities of none of them!


2010 Camaro SS

Bring on the Rag Top.


2010 Camaro SS

awesome Beasty for sure ,,, but I have to say folks -- I think the new Dodge Challenger is a better looking car :)


2010 Camaro SS

That is hot hot hot!!! But I have to say growing up with 3 dodge challengers, they look slightly hotter. In saying that tho, I love the front on this beast.


Such a work of art.


You know, I hate American cars, but I have to say, I'd drive this one. At night. When no one was looking. Preferably in another city, far far away from home and any of my friends.


Believe it or not Jason, this car was designed (and the concept was built) In Australia by Holden. You'd ber surprised how many vehicles around the world (especially Chevy) Holden has had a hand in designing/building.


Cute car. Camaro's don't generally get very good reviews from the Top Gear crew though.

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