Discussing :: 2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

Nathan Thomas’s Hilux is as comfortable on the street as it is offroad. She’ll be right, mate,” says Nathan Thomas. It’s a phrase he uses often. But it’s not right; there’s no way this vehicle should be doing what it’s doing. We’re sitting in Nathan’s SR5 Hilux and he has just driven off the highway, over a patch of grass and then on to a dirt road. The needle hasn’t budged from 100 clicks.You wouldn’t dream of doing that in a road car, or even a lightly modified 4WD. Two things make it possible. First, the considerable driving talent of the man behind the wheel. Second, the fact that the... read full article


2005 Toyota Hilux SR5 – Thrillbilly

"Bugger" me that's one mean looking Hilux.


Thats the coolest ute I've ever seen. I don't usually go for utes but I would love to own this one. I can imagine having a lot of fun in it.


Thrillbilly is definetley 1/2 Redneck trailer towing beast and 1/2 Shoot to Thrill Off Road. Great Mix and Great work Nathan Thomas!


Looks like it's stlyed along the lines of my Ford F150 Baja Matchbox toy that I had as a kid.... actually I've still got it tucked away in it's case as it has been since around 1984 hahaha... in the eventuallity that I'll have kids of my own at some stage that can play with it... one day I'll even be able to afford the grown up version myself? :)


This would devour a Rav4 and crap it out it's 3 inch pipe!


Awesome, wish my boyfriend would take note!


Looks pretty badass, but given the choice I would have to pick the Amarok


Yes, there's a good reason why the Toyota Hilux has been the top selling commercial vehicle for the past 28 years in New Zealand. When Nathan talks about the Hilux allowing him the ability to go to more offroad places, you realise that this is why this ute has the reputation as "indestructable". Awesome vehicle, awesome review from Nathan.


I never really like the new Hilux's, as in the ones on the "sheep-shagger" adds, as they just didn't seem as "tuff" as the old ones. But this is one of a kind......and I LOVE IT!


Never been a ute man myself, preferring proper vehicles, snigger. But I have to say, it's another covet. Just goes to show you don't need big alloys to make a truck look cool; eff off big tyres work just as well. Well done that farmhand!


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