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AGlaze is a 5-polymer product straight out of the UK, developed for use initially within the Aviation industry it is now used by Qantas & Singapore Airlines to name a few, the product has now been developed however for the Automotive industry and is already being used overseas by Aston Martin, Bentley, Land Rover and an F1 Team ( but that's really secret squirrel ! ). The marine version is already worldwide known as the best product you can buy for GelCoat protection and is approved by SeaRay Japan, Sunseeker and Fairline +++, just ask Roman Abromovich when you next see him if he likes it, he has had a couple of his boats done and he knows a thing or... read full article


$2,000 Worth of Work from AGlaze

WOW! what a product, my car would be shocked if it had this product on it


oh yes, my beetle would love to have a nice treatment done on her.


Awesome product!


wow would be soo cool to win this !!!


My other half brought his car (s type jaguar) half way across the world with him to New Zealand, its his pride n joy, and was a gift from his late father - he saw it come down the production line! It would be lovely to protect it and keep it beautiful for him.


whoa! my car would smile from headlight to headlight!


Ah wouldn't you be pissed if you paid $700 to do your car then crashed it the next day......


I will get your companies advertising sign written onto my car if i win this. Its a WINWIN situation!


My Husband has a 1972 Ford Falcon and can only afford to work on it himself with help from friends. A new shiny paint job would make his day, his week, his life!!!


Would love to see my car looking 'NEW' again!

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