Discussing :: 1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

A Cobra is a pretty sweet street car. A Cobra covered in candy apple paint is even sweeter “I clearly remember saying to my mate Geoff when he first bought the car that he was the luckiest guy I know. Now I’m that guy,” says Barry Tetley, the owner of this stunning candy-coated Cobra replica. I don’t think many people would disagree with that assessment.He had wanted a Cobra for as long as he can remember, so when Geoff bought one, Barry was understandably a bit envious. Throughout the time the car was in Geoff’s ownership, Barry always thought of it as his future car. With its rough-and-ready black finish and yellow nose cone,... read full article


1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

I think maybe you have to be a little kid to want one of these? I loved AC Cobras when I was 12... now they just seem so impractical? Not that I still wouldn't love to own one haha (go Ford!) ;)


1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

Nice car, is this the one Austen Powers drives? Groovy baby. Bit hard to get the kids carseats in it though I think.


1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

Sweet side exhausts, just got to be careful you don't burn all your ankle hairs off ladies...


1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

These cars are super sick. I was out in Maraetai the other weekend and there must have been a group meet on out there because they were lined up along the waterfront. It was awesome - I took a picture of a fire red one (like the one above) and its now my back drop on my phone. Can you send me a cobra please?


1987 Graham Berry Cobra Replica – Sweet Dreams

Mint car, I'll buy one for my Dad when I win power ball this weekend!


There is a claccic white cobra with blue strips in town that I see every now and again. Its original but the guy doesn't look after it. The man should be whipped!


Mint car! definate headturner


Looks the part, love the colour


I agree with the first comment. Impractical. But WHO CARES! It's a sexy car.


One sexy car, love to own own. Maybe need another garage first.


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