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With 800hp on tap, 23 year old Nick Andrews’ Falcon is one tough street machine. The large, boxy XD Ford Falcon roars into life as owner Nick Andrews turns the key. This car is loud; a cacophony of thumping V8 exhaust and high-pitched supercharger whine. It’s immediately obvious that this is one of those cars that has consumed its builder from the start.“The single worst part of this build?” Nick muses, over the undulating idle of the Cleveland V8. “Probably living off two-minute noodles and baked beans for the last three years…” Now that’s true dedication, and NZV8 likes it.At 23 years of age, it’s no... read full article


1980 Ford Falcon XD – Young Gun

theres no way I would show my man this page. I would never get the computer back..lol he will drool at that car for hours


I'm so jealous. Especially because this guy is younger than me! Awesome car.


Amazing car, great to see someone so young living the dream. Only wish I had something like that in my MK 1 Capri.


Awesome car but I bet his yearly insurance premiums cost more than the car is worth! But on the other hand..if you are that passionate about something, then why not. Good on ya mate


you may have your v8 but i also hear that stealth is the new speed? i have tediously wrapped the wheels of my car in cotton wool and meticulously muffled the engine with pink batts. Whilst being rather unsightly, i can enter and exit a location in almost pure silence. I actually went through my WOF the other day without being noticed.


Gosh, that's incredibly subtle...


haha! Nice! Have to try the pink batts.

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