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Built with five-second aspirations and plenty of patience, Parry Hunt’s Camaro is the latest doorslammer to hit the Kiwi scene. There’s this cheesy ad on the idiot box, in which two old codgers go on about doing not much of anything, and the hook or catchphrase is that good things take time. They do, and no one understands the concept better than drag racers.Time is the essence of drag racing. Which is probably the most obvious and simplistic statement ever, but also the truest.Measuring how quickly the vehicle covers the first 60 feet, then the next 600, then everything in between and after that determines how well the chassis, clutch or converter... read full article


1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS – Timely Obsession

I had a Camaro back in the 70s and put every dollar into her. I love cars and have used my passion often in my years to restore cars. So I really appreciate the blood, sweat and tears Parry Hunts put into this beauty.


1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS – Timely Obsession

Holy shit that is awesome. This is my fave!


1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS – Timely Obsession

What a wicked slection of cars!

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