Discussing :: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – Bruised Black

Many of us spend hours fantasising about our dream car.Harley Douglas went and did something about it. Harley Douglas knew exactly what he wanted in his dream car. “It had to be a ’68 Camaro SS, and it had to have all the Bs: black, blown and big blocked,” he says. Although that’s not quite what he ended up with, the Camaro he bought went close enough to satisfy his needs.“It wasn’t supercharged,” Harley says, “but it ticked all the other boxes and was a great base to work with; the nitrous system helped, too.”At the time of purchase, Harley was living and working in the UK, as he had been for 10 years,... read full article


1968 Chevrolet Camaro – Bruised Black

massive muscle car! great work.


I appreciate the raw passion and drive (pun) these car enthusiasts exhibit.


Now that is a sexy car. Got to love big fat mags and a grunty engine! Imagine if we had a Westie priminister, these are the sort of cars they would be getting next round!


I'd have a american muscle car over any rice burner! Mean car and you can't Topper Harley!


What an awesome car! Would be great to pickup the girls in. Make them wobbly at the knees lol




I owned a 59 Chevy Beliar had to sell it with regret have always yearned to get it back and listening to the passion and love here for the Chevy Camaro inspires me to get Chevy again. One an owner of a Chevy you always have the love for a Chevy.


What an awesome car...always had a thing for the old Chevy! love how these cars are restored and taken care of - and love seeing them in such mint condition!


Incredible car. I wanna do the same with a 68 Ford Mustang. When I have enough money that is :S


one word. seeeeexy


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