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Mike had just finished building his ’65 two-door LTD when I first met him. It was a nice all-round car, with deep gloss black paintwork, the right stance and a big motor. I was surprised to hear just a few weeks later that the car had been sold. 1963 Ford Galixie 500 01“He decided the kids needed a swimming pool, so sold the car to pay for it,” I was informed. At the time it seemed like a strange move, but around a year later I heard he was building a new car and it all clicked into place.Mike’s a bit of a Ford man, and over the years he’s had all sorts of different models, but always longed for a ’63 1/2 Galaxie. After... read full article


1963 Ford Galaxie 500



1963 Ford Galaxie 500

This car may be a good 25 years older then me but GOD DAMN I want it! The Japanese can make cars.. granted.. but there is just something about cars like this that gota give you goosebumps! Can I have one when I grow up please? :D


one word -"BOOYAH!!"


Does it get any better than this.. What a beautiful piece of machinery!! Owning this and i'd be able to die a happy man!


What a cool car and I like the look.


that car would pull so many bitchs


Slick lookin ride.


They don't make cars like this these days, that's a thing of beauty, and with a real engine in it ;)


Mate. You have done yourself proud with this build. That is one impressive piece of kit. Big Block is the only engine for a true blue American 60's car. Well done, great to see NZ has so many talented guys like you around.


OMG thats hot...

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