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When anyone is trying to lose weight, one of the biggest stumbling blocks can be finding foods that are not only diet friendly, but taste great too, and help to satisfy those cravings for unhealthy treats, such as candy and potato chips (which of course we all love to indulge in once in a while). There are certain foods that we all know are excellent for weight loss diets, such as fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry, low-fat dairy, lean red meat, etc., but you may be surprised to learn which other delicious treats are actually diet friendly and can help to promote weight loss. The 10 Best Foods that Taste Great and Are Diet-Friendly There are all... read full article


10 Surprising Foods for Weight Loss

excellent... i'll be eating fries and chocolate every day from now on! thanks! i actually read a similar article elsewhere except one of the food on the list is ice cream... which will make the list even better!


Home made burgers are the best! mmmm chocolate


Jeez if I ate all this I'd be massive. And aren't french fries carb, not protein? Dodgy!


Goes this gives me an excuse to eat chocolate.


WOOHOOOO. Thanks for the list! But surely this stuff isn't actually good for you?! I know someone who did the atkins diet.....they lost HEAPPPPS of weight, but I bet there heart wasn't that great afterwards :/ I say BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE, MILKSHAKES, PIZZA AND BURGERS :P


if you want to lose weight, you need to change your life style. diet is not the way. Eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. do this forever and enjoy your healthier life.


I DON'T agree with this at all. If you want to lose weight keep away from carbs and sugars as much as possible. Eating some saturated fat is not the big baddy it was once portrayed as being and upping your protein intake will help you maintain muscle mass while losing body fat. And for goodness sakes EXERCISE.

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