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Most individuals do not eat like they are supposed to. Out of those individuals 95% of them don’t realize that by making 10 simple changes to their eating lifestyle they can improve their diet by 90% along with improving their health and overall well-being. Apply these changes to your diet today and you too will be experiencing an increased benefit to your health, probable weight loss, a leaner body, and likely improvements to your blood profile. This all equals a longer healthier life.Now let’s get started so you can benefit from these 10 simple changes that everyone can make immediately.1. Hydration:  Consume Green Tea or Water instead... read full article


10 Diet Changes To Make It 90% Better Instantly

I've been living off junkfood for the past 2 months, since my daughter was born. This is a good article to help me get back on track.


10 Diet Changes To Make It 90% Better Instantly

I'm currently trying to loose weight gained after a sporting injury.. six month lay-off and the pudgyness has emerged. Best diet tip hydration, good healthy diet and e x e r c i s e !!! Going to be hard over winter, but hey.. the rewards are worth it. It's that feel good feeling :)


10 Diet Changes To Make It 90% Better Instantly

Eating well = win for me. Helps me concentrate, I feel better playing sport, I feel better about myself and once I start I find it easy to continue monitoring my diet. Also made me aware of how much crap there is out there!


Yeah, some good tips. Overall I think I'm doing fairly well. Don't keep a log though!


Great advice, especially about fibre.


Logging your food intake is one of the most boring things ever in the world (followed closely by reviewing food labels)! But it totally works. I used savinglucas.com which is a free site, and you log your exercise and water intake too. It's a bit of work, but it's free. This site just tracks cals. Some of them also tell you other nutritional info.


Wow, that sounds way too proactive. I like to have my cake and ignore it.

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