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Your Tattoo on my Bum, is this Suave?

I found this very interesting because some can assume it is a stupid idea but in a way it is a brilliant money making idea too....basically a girl name Tina Beznec has placed a listing on Trade Me, where the winning bid gets to say what words or designs can be tattooed on her bum of course she has stated that their are a few rules...that it is one cheek winner picks, the size has to be 9cm x 9cm, she picks the placed to be inked and winning bid gets photo frame of the completed work, if they live in her area they can come and watch. When I first read it and looked at the Trade Me auction I thought what a stupid wench and of course looking at the comments a number of people agreed with me, some of the comments were also really hilarious, but thinking about it now I think it's pretty good idea from my point of view, and I think it is Suave, because she has the balls to do it knowing what kind of comments she would get for doing so.....and she already has a number of tattoos, so she knows what is involved in getting inked....and the current amount is over 10K and 20% will go to charity......so am interested to know what you think about this and if you think she is Suave for doing so? here is the link to the full article http://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/6246024/Bidders-vie-to-tattoo-womans-bottom here is the link to the listing in Trade Me http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=439094192&permanent=0


suave [swɑːv] adj (esp of a man) displaying smoothness and sophistication in manner or attitude...No this is not Suave at all!

...hey Suave can be interpreted how the person thinks within a situation or circumstance.....regardless of definition...and it doesn't say it is definitive of a man only.....she had balls to do it and so I interpreted her and the situation as being Suave.....everyone to their own....

I've never really understood the term 'that took balls' or 'she had balls'...

lol fair point!

A word of caution: keep your clothes own when you get drunk. I can see a third movie in the wind for "Hangover", although two hangovers should have been enough, lol


no it's definitely not sauve and no doubt it will inspire others to do the same


Hey Peolpe !! We know times are tough at the moment but putting your Ass on the line so to speak.....for cash.. no I would simply not do that ...it will come down to personal choice ...for me no I think not,I can't judge what others do if they are happy to do it .....


not suave but still a great idea. agree with Boks.


DeeDee l think it's only Suave to the beholder if your toilet has mirror tiles on the wall, lol.

...BJ information over share.....lol


Tatto on my bum, well there a lot of area there !! MASSIVE real testate potential there! I could become the first bumillionaire!


Yes Suave. She is an extrovert and choosing to do with her body as she wished


I guess it could be classed as suave if it is an improvement on the original? :) Great thinking outside the square to solve a problem but if she didn't have money problems in the first place she wouldn't need to raise the cash. So to me motive = lack of sophistication = lack of suave-ness. :)


No not suave. I wouldn't do it but thats just me :)

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